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10-Year-Old Artist Dubbed 'Mini Monet'
    Feb 19, 2021 · Meet the girl who has been called the "mini Monet!" Daisy Watt is a 10-year-old artist who is turning heads with her beautiful floral paintings. She donates all proceeds from her art to cancer ...Author: NBCU

Photos from The Doodle Boy, a 10-year-old artist whose ...
    Nov 11, 2019 · Joe Whale is a 10-year-old artist from Shrewsbury, England, whose clever doodles landed him a gig creating a huge mural at a local restaurant. Insider spoke with Joe's dad, Greg, and the artist himself, who revealed his favorite drawing supplies: Sharpies and Paper Mate pens.Author: Darcy Schild

10-year-old artist hired to doodle on restaurant wall
    Nov 09, 2019 · 10-year-old artist hired to doodle on restaurant wall Duration: 01:37 11/9/2019 A British boy's drawings may have gotten him in trouble in school, but after class he's an in-demand working artist.

Amazing 10-year-old Artist - YouTube
    Aug 07, 2013 · Amazing 10-year-old ArtistThis amazing English artist has sold his magnificent paintings for big bucks. And he's only 10! Meet Kieron Williamson.Where else t...Author: Diagonal View

10-Year-Old Artist Donates Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars ...
    10-Year-Old Artist Donates Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars She Earned From Her Paintings. By Maddy Heeszel - August 13th, 2020. By Maddy Heeszel. "No Thanks. Please Close This Box!" As a child, I wasn’t really the best artist, and I still am not as an adult.

Video: Ten-year-old artist paints wonderful garden scenes ...
    Aug 03, 2020 · Daisy Watt is only ten-years-old but is already a veteran painter, creating beautiful garden scenes and floral landscape for charity. She has already raised over £50,000.

Baby Art Prodigy Aelita Andre Is Now 10 Years Old And More ...
    Baby Art Prodigy Aelita Andre Is Now 10 Years Old And More Talented Than Ever Most babies learn to walk and talk before developing hobbies and skills, but that was not the case for Australian artist Aelita Andre. She learned to paint at 9 months old and had her artwork shown in galleries by the time she was 2.

50 Gifts for Artisically Inclined 10 Year Old Boys and ...
    From the world famous brand, Klutz, comes this epic nail art set for kids. The ideal gift for 10 year old girls everywhere, it comes with a 56 page book full to the brim with instructions. Alongside the book, you can find a variety of polishes, a brush and over 35 awesome designs. Prices Vary.

Kieron Williamson – one of the world’s youngest and most ...
    Newcomers to both business and the art world, they’ve had to learn everything – from keeping Kieron on the level to looking after his public affairs and growing fortune. And this is a critical moment in his career as the 14-year-old begins the transition from child prodigy to adult artist.

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