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100 Contemporary Artists A-Z: Holzwarth, Hans Werner ...
    '100 Contemporary Artists' by Taschen is a professional summary of 21st Century artists and the direction art has pursued to date. There are few books on the market which reflect a collective of artist as varied as found within these two volumes. For the price the set is a steal. Definitely for the contemporary artist or collector.4.6/5(48)

100 Contemporary Fashion Designers - Taschen
    The editor . Founder and editor-in-chief of i-D magazine, Terry Jones started his fashion career in the 1970s as art director of Vanity Fair and Vogue UK. Since 1977 his Instant Design studio has produced catalogues, campaigns, exhibitions, and books, including TASCHEN’s Smile i-D, Fashion Now 1, Fashion Now 2, and Soul i-D.Category: Books > Fashion

Contemporary Art Books. TASCHEN Books
    Contemporary art is the art of our lifetime—the art being made now and about this moment. As an art historical movement it eludes easy definition, often characterized as contradictory, confusing, and open ended. Contemporary art tends to be tied to conceptual practice, and while it may manifest through any materials and methods, it often directly challenges traditional notions of what art ...

100 Contemporary Artists A-Z (2009, Hardcover) for sale ...
    Product Information. 100 artists who epitomize the contemporary art scene: Key figures on the avant-garde horizon This special two-volume edition features 100 of the most exciting artists from TASCHEN's seminal Art at the Turn of the Millennium and the renowned Art Now series - gathered in a comprehensive survey of contemporary art at the start of the 21st century.

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