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    To make reference easier, you’ll find all the key tips highlighted in red. This makes 100 Copywriting Tips for Designers perfect for on-the-spot reference. Final note Throughout this book I refer to a copywriting assignment as being about selling your client’s product. Of course, you may be writing about more than one product.

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    Dec 19, 2016 · I publish a brand new video every other week with ideas and examples of how to improve online copywriting to improve conversions and sales. I’ve also pasted a link below to my ebook that has five easy-to-implement copywriting tips that’ll help you decrease your bounce rates and increase your conversions and profits for any page on your website.

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    100 Copywriting Tips for Designers and Other Freelance Artists, Shaun J. Crowley (Shaun Crowley E-publishing, 2006) My book, written specifically for designers, reveals 100 copywriting tricks-of-the-trade including guidance on planning and conceptualizing web and print publicity, how to produce publicity that sells, and how to marry your copy and visuals together.

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    May 04, 2020 · When I started my freelance copywriting business way back in 1991, I had zero experience as a copywriter. I had no clients, I had no samples, and I had not written a single word of promotional copy, ever, for anyone. And yet within a few weeks of starting out, I was earning money as a freelance copywriter. That was twenty-six years ago.4.7/5(141)

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