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IF – IF 2 (1970, Vinyl) - Discogs
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1970 Vinyl release of "IF 2" on Discogs.

Help creating file naming script : musichoarder
    If album artist and artist are same and has featured artist: 07. Ticket to Ride (ft. James Hunter, etc).flac 1.07. Ticket to Ride (ft. James Hunter, etc).flac. If album artist and artist are not the same: 07. Snowboy1 - Ticket To Ride.flac 1.07. Snowboy2 - Ticket To Ride.flac. If album artist and artist are not the same and has featured artist: 07.

Difference between Artist and Album Artist - Winamp ...
    Dec 18, 2006 · Album Artist comes into play mainly for compilations, eg. where the Album Artist is Various Artists, and the Artist is the individual Track Artist. You can utilize it in the playlist window by using the following (or similar) ATF (Prefs > Titles > Advanced Title Formatting):

What's the Difference Between ARTIST & ALBUM ARTIST ...
    Dec 25, 2007 · The album artist is designated to attempt to keep all songs in an album together when there is more than one artist on an album. For example on a soundtrack where every artist is different you might decided to call the album artist "Various artists"

picard-scripts/Bob Swift's Naming Script.pts at master ...'s%20Naming%20Script.pts
    # _artists_album_additional_id - The IDs of all album artists listed except for the primary / first artist, separated by a semicolon and space # _artists_album_additional_std - All album artists listed [standardized] except for the primary / first artist, separated with strings provided from the release entry

Apple Music for Artists
    Discover your music milestones, update your artist image, and understand listener trends across iTunes and Apple Music with Apple Music for Artists.

Winamp - Advanced Title Formatting (ATF) Documentation
    For the fields listed below, info is taken from ML only if the file is present in the ML database and if the following option is checkmarked: Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Media Library > Local Media > ‘Use Library title information for Playlist Item Formatting’ In all other cases, the info is provided by the input plugin (if the respective input plugin supports the field).

When does Foobar2000 recognize an album as an album?
    Feb 24, 2012 · The placeholder %album artist% maps to the first available literal field from album artist, artist, composer, and performer. If album artist is absent, the placeholder should check artist and return its value if it exists. Are you sure that album artist is actually absent—might it instead be …

Musicbrainz Picard Tagger: My Tips And Things
    May 19, 2015 · -A folder is generated per-artist using the Album Artist tag for the album. If that tag begins with "The ", then that string is removed and stuck on the end. This means "The Beatles" will get a folder named "Beatles, The". This just makes it easier to browse the library root from a regular folder browser.-There is one folder generated for each ...

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