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    A nanta Mandal is an award winning internationally recognized contemporary Indian Artist. He is an expressive and imaginative painter. He is an expressive and imaginative painter. Mostly his paintings are created in impressionist manner and surrealist way in various mediums like watercolor, oil and acrylic.

Artist Ananta Mandal
    Ananta Mandal was born in 1983. He spent his childhood at Chakdaha, a small town in West Bengal. After pursuing his graduation in Bachelor of Visual Arts in the discipline of Graphic Design and Applied Art with First Class from Govt. College of Art & Craft, Calcutta University, Kolkata in …

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    Jun 12, 2014 · Buy Paintings Online India, Ananta Mandal one of the Indian painters has paintings in watercolor, acrylic, oil, charcoal medium. His painting exhibition in Jehangir art gallery depicts Mumbai skyscraper, sealink, gateway of India, cst, Kolkata tram, sindur khela, Kolkata paintings, durga puja, horse paintings, ganesha painting

Ananta Mandal Official Website Indian Art Paintings
    Unless otherwise noted on the specific page, all information and images displayed on this website are an intellectual property of the artist Ananta Mandal, Inc. and may not be reproduced in any manner or form without the express written permission of Ananta Mandal. Inc.. If you have any query please contact the artist. read more

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    ABOUT ARTIST ANANTA MANDAL. Most of Ananta Mandal's paintings are watercolor, acrylic and oil color based. The viewers, here, can get to see some superb drawing by the artist. His paintings are enveloped in a misty film, creating a strange magical effect and the grimy familiar everyday world is suddenly elevated by beautiful, romantic plane.

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    Ananta Mandal is one of the most award winning internationally recognized master Indian artists. Watercolor painting, acrylic painting and oil painting are the mediums he works inTitle: Contemporary Indian Artist

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    Shop original Ananta Mandal artworks, paintings and prints from the world’s biggest art hub Mojarto. Free delivery in India. COD and Global shipping available for eligible products. Best quality and 100% buyer protection guaranteed. Authenticity certificate available.

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    Ananta Mandal – an Indian artist. Sargam - Kaki Singer and Saggian ( OFFICIAL VIDEO ) 1 . DJ Pasha Doll. 1 . Aaron ft. Steph & Nicole Mi Gente - J Balvin. 1 . Sudarsan Pattnaik – an Indian Sand Artist from Puri, Odisha. 1 . Emil Osmanovic. 1 . Jessica Gomes : Australian Model Actress. 1 .

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