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Engelens MA Guide - Anarchy Online
    Feb 01, 2004 · Engelen`s Martial Artists Guide Welcome to my guide for the best and most lovely profession in the game, covering breeds, skills, implants, armor, weapons, perks and more. In short, I hope to have all the information any new MA need to get the basics and be able to enjoy this profession. I wish to thank Chronita and Davedread for their everlasting knowledge and service to the Martial Artist ...

Martial Artist Tips and Tricks - Anarchy Online Wiki [AOWiki]
    Apr 12, 2018 · In a sense, Martial Artists do have weapons - to perform their attacks, they need to acquire and keep in their inventory, the Martial Arts attack items. All attacks lock an attack skill, usually Martial Arts, but few require only Martial Arts.

Martial Artist:Breed and Skills Anarchy Online Knowledge ...
    1 Skills 1.1 Abilities 1.2 Body 1.3 Melee 1.4 Misc. Weapons 1.5 Ranged 1.6 Speed 1.7 Trade and Repair 1.8 Nano and Aiding 1.9 Spying 1.10 Navigation Don't bother with most of these, even with bows, a martial artist is strongly discouraged to use any form of ranged weapons.

Martial Arts Special Attacks • AO-Universe
    * Requires Martial Artist profession * With the exception that the Martial Artist has already used their Dimach special attack and is now suffering the 30 minute skill lock, Martial Artists of all levels should get and use this special attack because it locks dimach skill instead of martial arts and heals your entire team for 190 points. ⇑

Dojo (Martial Artist) - Anarchy Online Bulletin Board
    Mastery of the ancient combat arts. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

Martial Arts and number of weapons - Anarchy Online
    Aug 17, 2015 · The OP is right, MA fists count as single weapon with 30 attacks per minute. With one weapon you'll get 40 attacks/min = dualwield and then MA speciality triple wield (fists + left/right hand weapon) = 45 attacks/min. Equipped weapon must have "combined MA skill" to enable fists use.

Martial Artist Anarchy Online Knowledge Base Fandom
    When it comes to dishing out raw combat damage a Martial Artist outshines all other professions. Fighting unarmed, the Martial Artist's main strength lies in special attacks, knowing how to cripple opponents by attacking their weak spots. The Martial Artist is also a very proficient healer, truly surpassed by only the Doctor and the Adventurer.

Martial Artist:Research Lines - Anarchy Online Wiki [AOWiki]
    Martial Artist Personal Research Lines. Alacrity: Acting decisively and with speed at all times will increase your chances in combat. level 1 Agility 5; level 2 Brawl 15; level 3 Strengthen Spirit; level 4 Dimach 25; level 5 Strength 10; level 6 Dimach 30; level 7 Martial Arts 30; level 8 Strength 15; level 9 Physical Init 50; level 10 Absolute Fist

My Martial Artist Guide (WIP) - AO-Universe
    Feb 22, 2021 · User Control Panel; Private Messages; Logout; Main. News; Articles; Forums; Memberlist; Guides. Classic AO; Notum Wars; Shadowlands; Alien Invasion

Skill Anarchy Online Knowledge Base Fandom
    Skills determine a character's ability to use items and nanos, and a character's effectiveness with actions. 1 Abilities 1.1 Ability Maximum By Breed 1.2 Ability Point Costs by Breed 2 Synergy 2.1 Ability-Skill Synergy Percentages 3 Skill costs 4 References 5 See also Main article: Abilities Abilities are the backbone of the skills system; a character's skills are capped if the corresponding ...

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