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Emily Evans
    Emily Evans BSc PGCE MMAA is an anatomist, medical artist, author and publisher. Alongside running her business in anatomical art, Emily taught as a senior demonstrator of anatomy at Cambridge University for over a decade. Additionally, Emily has written a number of books about contemporary art and anatomy, is the owner of Anatomy Boutique and creative director at imprint publishing house Anatomy …

Leonardo da Vinci - Anatomical studies and drawings ...
    His study of anatomy, originally pursued for his training as an artist, had grown by the 1490s into an independent area of research. As his sharp eye uncovered the structure of the human body, Leonardo became fascinated by the figura istrumentale dell’ omo (“man’s instrumental figure”), and he sought to comprehend its physical working as a creation of nature.

SCIplanet - The Anatomist and the Artist
    He was the supreme example of an anatomist who could also draw, or of an artist who was also a very skilled dissector. It was the union of these two skills in a single figure that made Leonardo unique”. In the centuries after Leonardo’s death in 1519, the approximately 6,500 surviving sheets from his voluminous notebooks were dispersed.

Jon Zahourek, Inc.
    Artist/Anatomist Welcome to As a prolific artist and sculptor, Jon Zahourek's passion for design and aesthetics were in play long before he developed a fascination for teaching anatomy.

Meet George Stubbs: anatomist, artist, animal lover ...
    May 07, 2020 · Meet George Stubbs: anatomist, artist, animal lover, lifter of human spirits Whistlejacket I learned about George Stubbs several months ago when I was looking for an image of a horse to illustrate a blog post .

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