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Human Anatomy Seminar – Marshall Vandruff Home
    Anatomy for Artists is a concentrated study of the human body for artists, not a Life Drawing course.I use a full-sized skeleton and hundreds of slides to show you every significant bone, muscle and form of the figure, and we take time to “draw notes” from the slides.

Human Anatomy Endorsements – Marshall Vandruff Home
    “In twenty-odd hours I learned more about human anatomy in Marshall’s class than I was able to learn on my own in thirty-five years as a self-taught artist.” —Bernie Wrightson “Marshall Vandruff’s teaching is inspiring and refreshing. I had been avoiding classrooms until Marshall offered his anatomy class.

Anatomy – Marshall Vandruff Home
    May 17, 2020 Feb 5, 2015 by Marshall Vandruff The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden (Pre-Restoration) by Masaccio During the Q&A Hangout with Stan Prokopenko and Court Jones in November 2014, a student questioned the use of nude models in art education.

Marshall Vandruff Home – Creativity & Craft in the Arts
    Human Anatomy; Animal Anatomy; Draftsmanship; Drapery; Artistic Development; Composition; Visual Storytelling; ... Art Feedback with ... All content copyright Marshall Vandruff unless otherwise noted. SEMINARS. What’s this? Human Anatomy; Animal Anatomy; Draftsmanship;

Animal Anatomy Seminar – Marshall Vandruff Home
    This course is similar to the Human Anatomy for Artists Seminar but focused on animals. We will compare various types of four-legged animals with humans, always with an emphasis on how to master “form in space” so they look realistic, alive, and authoritative.

Animal Anatomy Reviews & Recommendations - Marshall Vandruff
    Animal Anatomy Seminar by Marshall Vandruff. M y Animal Anatomy Seminar is a concentrated course focusing on Anatomy, Form & Gesture — the three essentials for mastery. For those of you who had me as your animal drawing teacher at CSF or Laguna College, this is a review of that material.

Marshall Vandruff -
    This is your opportunity to learn HUMAN ANATOMY FOR ARTISTS from Marshall Vandruff. Marshall has taught some of the world's most accomplished artists, illustrators and designers. Here are quotes from former students: “Like Howard Pyle to his students, Marshall stimulated and inspired me more than anybody I've ever learned from.

Marshall Vandruff - Wikitia
    Marshall Vandruff is an American illustrator, and art instructor. He began his career as a commercial illustrator, working for advertising companies all over Southern California. Over the years, Marshall transitioned his focus to teaching. He is known in the art education community for his focus on anatomy, story telling, and lessons from the old masters.

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