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Anchor Artiste Metallic ONLY £4.49 Purplelinda Crafts
    Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet Thread is a blend of Viscose and Metalised polyester, perfect for home decoration, clothing and fashion accessories.

Anchor Artiste Metallic - Hulu Crafts
    Description A versatile thread available in a variety of shimmering colours, Anchor Artiste Metallic is soft and easy to work with, perfect for adding a touch of shimmer to any garment.

Anchor Artiste Metallic - LoveCrafts
    Stunning sparkly Anchor Artiste Metallic crochets on a 2mm hook (or knits on 2mm needles) in a fabulous 26 colours! From gorgeous golds to rich berry shades and exotic blues and greens, create a rainbow with this stunning metallic yarn.96%(15)

Anchor Artiste Metallic Crochet No 5 Thread 301 SILVER
    Anchor Arista has been re-branded Anchor Artiste Metallic, perfect for home decoration, clothing and fashion accessories. Great for Crocheting, Knitting and other Crafts. 80% Viscose & 20% Metalized polyester 25g approx 100m.

Rowan Anchor Artiste Metallic - Laughing Hens
    Anchor Artiste Metallic is a fine chainette yarn made from a blend of viscose and metallised polyester, which gives it a lustrous, shimmering effect whilst remaining soft, supple and a pleasure to work with. Super popular for a variety of crochet projects such as Amigurumi, clothing embellishment and …4.7/5(18)

Anchor Crafts
    Anchor Metallic. A fine crochet yarn with brilliant metallic effect, a blend of Viscose and metallised polyester for a soft touch and pleasant feel. See more. Anchor Organic Cotton See more. Anchor Marlitt. 100% Viscose and loosely twisted (4ply) embroidery thread with a spectacular high sheen.

Anchor Artiste Metallic - Suggested substitutes
    A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of (or can't afford) Anchor Artiste Metallic, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences.

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