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Ancient Martial Arts History's Strongest Disciple ...
    Asuka Akatsuki (Specializes in Submission Locks) Rimi Kokorone (Specializes in Speed) Ryūto Asamiya. Shō Kanō (Deceased) Shōgo Kitsukawa (Purely Training Exercises Only) Ancient Martial Arts is a old, and undefined form of mixed martial arts, not much is known of this fighting style or its creation. It specializes in different forms ranging from locks, speed, and purely training Exercises.

The most ancient Martial Arts from around the world
    May 03, 2017 · Bokator is a Cambodian martial art with more than 2000 years of tradition, practiced during Angkor Empire. Bokator translates to “pounding a lion”, referring to an ancient legend telling of a warrior who found himself facing a lion, and who killed it with a single knee strike.

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