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30 Influential and Famous Contemporary Artists And Their Art
    Jul 20, 2018 · Xiaodong is a figurative painter, working on subjects of common people, sex workers and the homeless. His contemporary painting draws inspiration from scenes of friends and family; however, his work often depicts social problems he highlights through his pieces in places such as Israel-Palestine, Tibet, and rural China.

51 Most Popular Contemporary Artists Art News by Kooness
    If Marcel Duchamp were alive today, he probably would love Maurizio Cattelan, and the kind of satire he uses to shock the world of art. An Italian contemporary artist, he is best known for hyperrealistic sculptures of people such as the Pope (killed by a meteor) and Hitler (begging for mercy on his knees), but also things like the golden toilet he installed at the Guggenheim in 2016, which he aptly titled …3.9/5(34)

What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Art ...
    Many art historians, notably art critic Clement Greenberg, consider Édouard Manet to have been the first modern artist not only because he was depicting scenes of modern life but also because he broke with tradition when he made no attempt to mimic the real world by way of perspective tricks.

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