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About Ando Hiroshige — Collecting Japanese Prints
    One Hundred Famous Views of Edo was his last series; considered among his best work. One of the last great Edo-period print artists, Utagawa (born Ando) Hiroshige was born in Edo in 1797. At the age of fourteen, he enrolled in the Utagawa School as an apprentice to Utagawa Toyohiro, under whom he studied traditional painting techniques.

Hiroshige Japanese artist Britannica
    Author of Masters of the Japanese Print; Hokusai: Life and Work; and others. Hiroshige, in full Andō Hiroshige, professional names Utagawa Hiroshige and Ichiyūsai Hiroshige, original name Andō Tokutarō, (born 1797, Edo [now Tokyo], Japan—died October 12, 1858, Edo), Japanese artist, one of the last great ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) masters of the colour woodblock print.

Hiroshige - 203 artworks - painting - Visual Art Encyclopedia
    Western artists closely studied Hiroshige's compositions, and some, such as van Gogh, painted copies of Hiroshige's prints. Hiroshige was born in 1797 in the Yayosu Quay section of the Yaesu area in Edo (modern Tokyo). He was of a samurai background, and was the great-grandson of Tanaka Tokuemon, who held a position of power under the Tsugaru ...Born: 1797

Hiroshige Artist Ronin Gallery
    With the Tokugawa Shogunate relaxing centuries of age-old restrictions on travel, urban populations embraced travel art and Hiroshige became one of the most prominent and successful ukiyo-e artists. He also produced kacho-e (bird-and-flower pictures) to enormous success. In 1858, at the age of 61, he passed away as a result of the Edo cholera epidemic.

Andō Hiroshige - Artvee
    Utagawa Hiroshige, born Andō Hiroshige, was a Japanese ukiyo-e artist, considered the last great master of that tradition. Hiroshige is best known for his horizontal-format landscape series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō and for his vertical-format landscape series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo.

Utagawa Hiroshige (Andō Hiroshige) - 480 Artworks, Bio ...
    Articles Featuring Utagawa Hiroshige (Andō Hiroshige) A New York Gallery Celebrates 40 Years through 40 Prominent Japanese Printmakers Oct 9th, 2015 Views of Edo, Fuji, and the Open Road: Ronin Gallery Presents Prints by Utagawa HiroshigeNationality: Japanese

Utagawa Hiroshige Artnet
    Hiroshige was a Japanese artist known for his ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Characterized by unusual perspectives, seasonal references, and striking colors, the artist’s series Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō (1833–1834) exemplifies Hiroshige’s unique skill.Nationality: Japanese

Utagawa Hiroshige Paintings, Bio, Ideas TheArtStory
    Biography of Utagawa Hiroshige. "I envy the Japanese for the enormous clarity that pervades their work," wrote Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo in 1888. "They draw a figure with a few well-chosen lines as if it were as effortless as buttoning up one's waistcoat." Read full biography.Nationality: Japanese

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