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Hiro Ando - 199 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    The streets of Tokyo and the world of Manga inspire Japanese artist Hiro Ando to create bold, vibrant sculptures. A true polyvalent artist, Ando emerged in 1995 as an illustrator and quickly began executing works in a variety of different media including painting, digital media, sculpture, and video. In 2005 he and artist …Nationality: Japanese

Ando Jubei - Wikipedia
    Ando Jubei (1876–1956) was a Japanese cloisonné artist from Nagoya. Along with Hayashi Kodenji, he dominated Nagoya's enameling industry in the late Meiji era. Ando, Namikawa Yasuyuki, and Namikawa Sōsuke are considered the three artists whose technical innovations brought in the "Golden Age for Japanese cloisonné" in the late 19th century. Ando …

Tadao Ando - 40 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Biography. Tadao Ando is one of the most accomplished architects working today; his buildings balance the heft of concrete with the weightlessness of light. The 1995 recipient of the Pritzker Prize, Ando adopts the modernist innovations of Louis Sullivan and Le Corbusier …Nationality: Japanese

About Ando Hiroshige — Collecting Japanese Prints
    One of the last great Edo-period print artists, Utagawa (born Ando) Hiroshige was born in Edo in 1797. At the age of fourteen, he enrolled in the Utagawa School as an apprentice to Utagawa Toyohiro, under whom he studied traditional painting techniques.

Hiroshige Ando
    Ando Hiroshige, who is best known for his landscape prints, is considered one of the six greatest Japanese printmakers in Ukiyo-e history and is said to have influenced Western impressionists, such as Van Gogh and Claude Monet, through his use of perspective. 1831 is the year when his first landscape series ‘Famous Places of The Eastern Capital’ (Toto Meisho) was published and the following year …

86 Shinji Ando ideas art, printmaking, japanese art
    Japanese Art by the artist Shinji Ando Scriptum Inc. The colours used here are quite neutral and relaxing colours which is something that I like about this piece. This piece is very realistic, I like how the colours of the leaves are the background which makes the flowers stand out more.87 pins

Hiroshige Artist Ronin Gallery
    In Hiroshige's groundbreaking series of woodblock prints, The 53 Stations of the Tokaido (1832-1833), he captured the journey along the Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto, the imperial capital. With the Tokugawa Shogunate relaxing centuries of age-old restrictions on travel, urban populations embraced travel art and Hiroshige became one of the most prominent and successful ukiyo-e artists.

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