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Ando Cloisonné Company - Wikipedia
    Andō Jubei (Jusaburo) (1876-1953) was born in Nagoya as the fourth child; he had three elder sisters. His mother died in May 1877 following an illness, and his father followed in September 1877. Orphaned at less than one year old, he was raised according to his father’s will by staff employers.Headquarters: Sakae, Nagoya, Japan

Tadao Ando's architecture - Experience Japan InsideJapan ...
    Ando is one of Japan's most eminent architects and designer of several galleries and museums on the island. Inspired by Japanese Shintoism, Ando's designs often use sparse concrete forms and empty space to emphasise nothingness and the beauty of simplicity. We can arrange special access to Benesse House's Oval - a wonderful structure sunk into the forest floor at the top of hillside and reached by a …

Owari Cloisonne Japan's Best to You
    Ando Cloisonne received many awards for its outstanding works and in 1900 Ando Cloisonne was appointed official supplier to the imperial family. Ando Cloisonne carries on the traditional craft of Owari Cloisonne that is typical for the city of Nagoya. Ando produces cloisonne by applying silver wires onto metal and then baking a layer of glass ...5/5(1)

Vintage Ando Cloisonne plate : Bell peppers eBay
    Ando Jubei (1876–1956) was a Japanese cloisonné artist from Nagoya. Along with Hayashi Kodenji, he dominated Nagoya's enameling industry in the late Meiji era.[5] Ando, Namikawa Yasuyuki, and Namikawa Sōsuke are considered the three artists whose technical innovations brought in the "Golden Age for Japanese cloisonné" in the late 19th century.Seller Rating: 100.0% positive

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    The Ando company, established in Nagoya in 1880, is the only cloisonne remaining workshop in Japan originating from the Meiji period (1868 - 1912) that is still active in the creation of cloisonne enamels. They retain the highly esteemed distinction of being appointed by the Imperial Household.

Ando Hiroshige Art: Prints, Paintings, Posters & Wall Art ...
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Enamelwork - Japan Britannica
    The artists working for the factory of Namikawa Sōsuke of Tokyo in the late 19th century were most successful in this technique. Another Namikawa of Kyōto worked in true cloisonné. The factory of Jubei Ando of Nagoya has produced more variations.

ANDO Large 有線七宝 Yusen Shippo Silver Wire Cloisonne Vase ...
    ANDO CLOISONNE INC. 株式会社 安藤七宝店 FROM - Meiji 13 = 1880 to Present "Owari province was one of the foremost production centres of enamel in the country. During the Edo period the Andō family operated a pipe shop called "Murata-ya". Andō Jubei (Jusaburo) (1876-1953) was born in Nagoya as the fourth child; he had three elder sisters.

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    One of the oldest known piece of Owari cloisonné is a sake cup from 1833 Early pioneers in Japanese Owari cloisonné techniques were Nagoya/Owari craftsmen Kaji Tsunekichi (1808 to 1883), Hayashi Kodenji (1831 to 1915), Ando Jubei, and Kawade Shibataro.

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