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André Derain French painter Britannica
    André Derain, (born June 10, 1880, Chatou, France—died September 8, 1954, Garches), French painter, sculptor, printmaker, and designer who was one of the principal Fauvists. Derain studied painting in Paris at the Académie Carriere from 1898 to 1899. He developed his early style in association with Maurice de Vlaminck, whom he met in 1900, and with Henri Matisse, who had been Derain’s …

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    André Derain had a major role in the development of two of the most significant artistic movements of the early-20 th century. He, Henri Matisse, and Maurice de Vlaminck were responsible for generating works with a totally new style which would become Fauvism and his association with Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque was integral to early Cubism. Nevertheless, his contribution as the generator of the …Nationality: French

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    André Derain (French, 1880–1954) was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker, and an important figure in the Fauvism movement. He took his first painting lessons during his teenage years from La Noé.Nationality: French

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    André Derain (1880-1954) was considered by leading critics in the 1920s to be the most outstanding French avant-garde painter and at the same time the upholder of the classical spirit of French tradition. André Derain was born on June 10, 1880, in Chatou. He began to paint when he was about 15. He studied at the Academy Carrière in Paris (1898-1899), where he met Henri Matisse.

André Derain Biography (1880-1954) - Life of a French Artist
    André Derain was born on June 10, 1880 in an affluent commune region west of Paris, France. At the age of 18 he took a painting class conducted by Eugene Carriere while studying to become an engineer at the Academie Camillo. It was there that he first met Henri Matisse. Two years later he would come to share a studio with Maurice de Viaminck.

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    When he was only fifteen years old, André Derain received his first painting lessons from his friend La Noé. In this period he painted his first landscapes. Between 1898 and 1900 Derain attended the "Académie Carrieère" in Paris while at the same time working with Matisse and Vlaminck in his studio. The artists become important friends.

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    French painter and sculptor André Derain was a leading figure of the avant-garde during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although he returned to a sense of classicism in his later career, Derain is best known for his role in the development of Fauvism alongside Henri Matisse in the years following the turn of the century.

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