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Australian Bird & Wildlife Art by Rachel Hollis ...
    Australian Bird & Wildlife Art. New Holland Honeyeater – Fine Art Print. $ 18.00 – $ 90.00. Yellow-faced Honeyeater – Fine Art Print. Double-eyed Fig Parrot – Fine Art Print. Striated Pardalote – Fine Art Print. Sacred Kingfisher – Fine Art Print.

Christopher Pope Australian Wildlife Artist
    Christopher Pope is an Australian wildlife artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His paintings depict intimate portraits of Australia’s diverse bird life, including Wrens, Kingfishers, Owls, Finches and Birds of Prey. Having an interest in the plight of wildlife conservation, he also paints other fauna (often amphibians such as the Green Tree Frog).

Elizabeth Cogley – Australian Wildlife Artist
    Elizabeth Cogley Australian wildlife artist. Elizabeth Cogley (Liz Cogley) was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. From the furthermost points of Cape York, Queensland to Wilsons Promontory in Victoria, from Steep Point, Western Australia to Byron Bay on the mainland and then Tasmania, from our deserts to our tropical areas, our ecosystems are so varied and amazingly beautiful.

Nicky Shelton - Bird Paintings Specialist & Australian ...
    Nicky is known for her Bird Paintings, being an Australian Birdlife Artist her specialty is to paint birdlife in oils and endangered birds.

Geoffrey Carran, Contemporary artist, Australian based ...
    At first sight Geoffrey Carran’s paintings command your attention. His vibrant portraits of birds really capture the character of his subject, exploring personality to bring out a collective nostalgia, in these paintings we recognize our own experience and memories associated with the colourful nature of Australia’s diverse birdlife.

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