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    David Sheehan, Engraving Artist. David Sheehan specializes in the centuries old traditional art of hand engraving. He is well known throughout North America and Europe for his beautiful hand engraved watches. Based in Santa Barbara, CA, David designs …

Sam Alfano, engraver - Master Hand Engraver
    Sam Alfano, engraver - Master Hand Engraver. Exhibition grade hand engraving on the world's finest jewelry - @Master_Engraver on Instagram. Specializing in luxury styles of deep relief, sculpting, coats of arms, and lettering. Welcome!

    HAND ENGRAVING TOOLS AND HAND ENGRAVING EQUIPMENT FOR JEWELERS AND ARTISTS. Learn to hand engrave with the patented Lindsay AirGraver Engraving Tools for Hand Engravers, Jewelers and Artists ~ Steve Lindsay. Hand Engraving Tools Artist as well as Engraving Tool Maker. Exhibition grade gold inlay, wildlife scenes, and various scroll decorations on the finest handmade …

Jim Blair Engraving
    Jim is an artist and master engraver with a master engraver ranking in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America and by the Colt Firearms Company. Jim engraves on custom rifles, shotguns, pistols and custom knives employing the hand engraving methods. Jim will engrave on the semi-custom and factory firearms and knives with the same enthusiasm as the custom work is done.

Hand Engraving - Wade Designs Jewelry
    Hand Engraving is an art that is almost extinct. It takes great skill, precision, and artistry to become a master engraver. John Wade has spent the last 30+ years mastering this art. You will see from his personal collections of jewelry that he incorporates hand engraving in each of his pieces.

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