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Lu Zijian 118 Wudang Martial Arts Master
    Well know martial artist, heading the Dragon Gate lineage of Daoism (Long Men Pai). In 2002 Lu was awarded 9 Duan (the highest grade in Chinese Martial Arts ranking system). ... Lu Zijian on the 24th January became the Oldest man in the world. 2009: Lu Zijian on the 2nd January became the oldest person in the world and was 116 years old.

What is the Oldest Martial Art? (With Proof) - Combat Museum
    Throughout history, humans have engaged in countless forms and styles of combat. Many martial arts created centuries ago are still used and practiced today. But what is the original martial art? What was the first martial art that humans ever created? Based on the available documented history of various martial arts, wrestling is by far […]

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