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    Apr 20, 2017 · Facts about Henri Matisse tell the readers about the famous French artist. He was born on December 31st, 1869 and died on November 3rd, 1954. His full name was Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse. He was mostly recognized as a painter even though he was also a …

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    Matisse helped shape modern art and colourism by trying out different media, styles and movement. He drew inspiration from his fellow artists. His most famous work, Woman with a Hat, was one of his best of the Fauvism movement. This paved the way for modern painters. Here are the top 10 facts about Henri Matisse…

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    Born on New Year’s Eve in 1869, Henri Matisse became one of the most influential French painters of the 20th century. Not only did his use of bright colors and distorted shapes lead to the rise of Fauvism, but his works served as inspiration for both his contemporaries and the artists who came after him.

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    Aug 11, 2017 · Henri Matisse biography: In this art history video about the famous French artist and painter Henri Matisse, I'll tell you 10 amazing facts you did not know...Author: Art History School

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    Jul 21, 2016 · 10 facts about Henri Matisse 0 Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist, recognised both for his use of colour as well as his fluid and original draughtsmanship. His vast oeuvre encompassed painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts (as diverse as etchings, linocuts, lithographs, and aquatints), paper cutouts, and book illustration.

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    Henri Matisse was a conservative individual, but his meeting with Andre Derain and Maurice Vlaminck led to the creation of Fauvism and a complete change in the way he painted. His paintings are comfortable, very colourful and very easy on the eye. Later in life, after a bout of cancer, he was confined to his studio and decided to take up collage.

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