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10 Facts about Bridget Riley Fact File
    Facts about Bridget Rileytell you about the notable English painter. She was born in Norwood, London on 24 April 1931. Her father is John Fisher Riley. He was a printer from Yorkshire.

Bridget Riley: Facts and Information - Primary Facts
    Aug 29, 2014 · Bridget Riley is an English painter. She is one of the best known names in op art, an art movement which uses optical illusions, wavy lines and black and white. She was born in London in 1931, studied at Cheltenham Ladies College and worked in an advertising agency. She was also a teacher for a short time, and worked in a glass shop.

Bridget Riley British artist Britannica
    Bridget Riley, in full Bridget Louise Riley, (born April 24, 1931, London, England), English artist whose vibrant optical pattern paintings were central to the Op art movement of the 1960s.

The Story of Artist Bridget Riley - ThoughtCo
    Mar 27, 2019 · Bridget Riley began working in the Op Art movement far before it was named as an official artistic movement. Still, she is best known for her black and white works from the 1960s that helped inspire the new style of contemporary art. It is said that her art was created to make a …

Who is Bridget Riley? – Who Are They? Tate Kids
    Bridget Riley was born in 1931 in London, but when World War II broke out she left the city and moved to Cornwall. She would walk along the coastline and explore the caves where she would sit and watch the reflections in rock pools. She also liked looking at the sea and …

Bridget Riley artnet Page 10
    Bridget Riley is a British artist known for her singular Op Art paintings. Melding clean lines, color arrangements, and geometric precision she creates optically compelling visual effects, as seen in her work Cataract 3 (1967). Riley’s use of gradients and variations in tone stems from her admiration for the Pointillist Georges Seurat.. “The eye can travel over the surface in a way ...Nationality: British

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