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Nicola Hicks Biography – Nicola Hicks on artnet
    Nicola Hicks (British, b.1960) is a celebrated sculptor working primarily in plaster, straw, and cast bronze, known for her depictions of animals such as bears, kangaroos, horses, goats, and many others.Nationality: British

Nicola Hicks Artnet
    Nicola Hicks is a contemporary English artist known for her loosely rendered sculptures of animals, humans, and mythical creatures. Crafted from straw and plaster and often cast in bronze, Hicks depicts bears, kangaroos, horses, goats, and other creatures.Nationality: British

Nicola Hicks Flowers Gallery
    NICOLA HICKS (b 1960) For the past four decades, British artist Nicola Hicks ' practice has centred around a world of heroic sculptural figures, exploring an anthropomorphic relationship to the animal world through portraits of humanised creatures and beast-like humans.

Nicola Hicks: Portrait of the Artist as a Circus Horse ...
    Sep 15, 2018 · Informed as they are by the writings of Aesop and Ovid, there’s a strong element of faerie about the human-animal hybrid creations of Nicola Hicks. But there’s nothing fey about these savage, club-wielding bankers and clapped-out old circus horses. Robert Shore enters the artist…

Nicola Hicks - Age, Birthday, Biography & Facts
    Nicola Hicks is an English sculptor. She was born on May 03, 1960 (60 years old) in London, England.

Nicola Hicks - 69 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy
    Articles Featuring Nicola Hicks. Inside the Art Collection at the British Prime Minister’s Residence. Dec 10th, 2019. See all articles. Related Categories. Plaster. Animal Portrait. Contemporary British Art. Anatomy. Contemporary Academic Realism. Contemporary Figurative Drawing.

Nicola Hicks: The Rudeness of Art and the Excellencies of ...
    Dec 12, 2013 · Therefore, Hicks's work represents a kind of bulletin from an alternate history of art. In Hicks's universe, the struggle between representation and medium continued to evolve. And indeed, she does stand at the end of a line of artists for whom this argument could be made: Eva Hesse, Deborah Butterfield, Nancy Graves, Kiki Smith, William Kentridge.

Hicks, Nicola 64 Artworks MutualArt
    Artists > Nicola Hicks > Artworks . Nicola Hicks British 1960 FOLLOW. 3. LAST 60 DAYS ACTIVITY 3 Alerts. 1 exhibition, 1 upcoming exhibition, 1 sold lot. FOLLOW. Click the FOLLOW button to be the first to know about this artist's upcoming lots, sold lots, exhibitions and articles ...

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