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12 Greatest Visual Artists of All Time - ThoughtCo
    May 25, 2019 · The impact made by an artist on his contemporaries is yet another factor to consider. In the long run, determining who are the greatest artists of all time may be a subjective opinion; however, based on public opinion and what the museums say, the 10 best visual artists of all time are:

Greatest Painters List of Best Painters of All Time
    Jun 14, 2019 · An innovative and prolific master in three media, he is generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history. Unlike most Dutch masters of the 17th century, Rembrandt's works depict a wide range of style and subject matter, from portraits and self-portraits to landscapes ...

VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time - Stereogum
    Sep 03, 2010 · VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time. 100. Alicia Keys . Photo September 3, 2010 12:03 PM By Brandon Stosuy. You guys love lists, and we love to start our holiday weekend early, so thanks VH1 for ...

Greatest of All Time Artists Chart Billboard
    GREATEST OF ALL TIME ARTISTS The Beatles. 1 The Beatles 2 The Rolling Stones 3 Elton John 4 Mariah Carey 5 Madonna 6 Barbra Streisand 7 Michael Jackson 8 Taylor Swift 9 Stevie Wonder 10

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