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    Irish Artists 20th Century (1900-99) For new painters & sculptors, see Contemporary Irish Artists. For a guide to art prices, see: Most Expensive Irish Paintings. Irish Artists: Nineteenth Century. See below for an alphabetical list of Irish artists, born 1800-1899. Addey, Joseph Poole (Landscape and Portrait Artist…

    Irish Art through the Ages; 1900s; 1900s. The 1900s was a time of great change and turmoil in Ireland. There was the Easter Rising in 1916, followed by the War of Independence from 1919-21. Ireland was established as Free State in 1922, igniting the Irish Civil War which lasted from 1922-23. During this time Irish painters felt that it was ...

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    Albert Irvin was a prolific British artist, best known for his exuberant paintings, watercolours, screenprints and gouaches. He was born in London and continued to live and work there throughout his life. His art focuses on capturing and exploring the experience of being in the world.

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