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Artist Reference - Ultra High Resolution Photo References is the biggest online source of Hi-Res female photo references for artists. You will find here more than 207,000 photos of poses for your artworks. View the whole project!

Human Anatomy for Artist -
    PROJECT DESCRIPTION. is the biggest online source of Hi-Res human photo references for artists. You will find here more than 200,000 photos. VISIT

Art Manikins and Anatomical Models BLICK Art Materials
    Art Manikins and Anatomical Models A knowledge of how human body parts act and interact is key to accurately painting or drawing the human figure. When a live model isn’t available, wood and plaster artist manikins and anatomical models can be a valuable figure drawing reference tool for artists learning how to draw or paint faces, hands, and other body parts.

Anatomy Figures for artist reference from 3dtotal
    3dtotal Anatomy: male figure. 105 Review (s) Whether you use pencil and paper, paintbrushes, clay, or any form of digital art software, our figures will be invaluable if you want to understand the form and structure of human anatomy. Our first figure is a neutrally …

Pose Tool - Figure Drawing Art Models
    Those 24 art reference photos are collected into one "Pose." When the project first started, we imagined our customers as sculptors. They would be looking for anatomy reference photos and also traditional male and female nude artist's model photos but they would need to see all around the figure to create a complete sculpture.

12 Best Posable Mannequins for Artists in 2020 (+ Anatomical!)
    First and foremost, it’s an artists’ reference model. The little guy is posable, stands on a small wooden stand and won’t take up much space. This mannequin will give you an understanding of what basic human proportions are, and how limbs can be positioned on various occasions. Artist's Anatomy Male Anatomical Model: Pet ...
    Female Anatomy Figure: 10.5-inch Anatomical Reference for Artists (Grey) 4.4 out of 5 stars 78. 1 offer from $343.46. Side Show Collectibles Art S. Buck Artist's Model female ... 11inch Human Anatomical Model Art Mannequin Musculoskeletal Structure of Painting Sculpture White Body (Male+Female )Reviews: 5

SketchDaily Reference Site
    SketchDaily Reference Site

9 Free Pose Reference Sites To Practice Figure Drawing Online
    CroquisCafe is a YouTube Channel – an art model drawing resource in a tradition of a life drawing class. I love that their stuff has a timer on the left that gives you a visual representation on how much time you have to complete a drawing + it makes a sound each time a pose starts and finishes.

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