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Indian Art and Its Vibrant History - Invaluable
    Apr 17, 2019 · Sculpture continues to be a favored medium for artistic expression in India, primarily as a form of religious art. Buildings were profusely adorned, and subject matter largely consisted of abstracted human forms used to illustrate the principles of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

Indian Art and Aesthetics - Indus Scrolls
    Dec 15, 2019 · The earliest creative works of India were philosophical and religious, Vedic and Upanishadic, and the miracle of these ancient writings is their perfect union of beauty, power and truth, the revealed utterance of that universal spirit. The expression of the spiritual through the aesthetic sense is the constant sense of Indian art.

The origin and evolution of Indian art - Kokuyo Camlin
    Nov 22, 2013 · Rock paintings and temple art can be traced back to the artistic expressions of ancient India. The 13 th century saw the beginning of Muslim rule in India, which went on for two centuries before several powerful Hindu kingdoms emerged in the 15 th century.

Hindu Art Boundless Art History - Lumen Learning
    Elaborately ornamented with sculpture throughout, these temples are a network of art, pillars with carvings, and statues that display and celebrate the four important and necessary principles of human life under Hinduism—the pursuit of artha (prosperity, wealth), the pursuit of kama (pleasure, sex), the pursuit of dharma (virtues, ethical life), and the pursuit of moksha (release, self-knowledge).

Arts and entertainment in India - Wikipedia
    Arts and entertainment in India have had their course shaped by a synthesis of indigenous and foreign influences that have consequently shaped the course of the arts of the rest of Asia, since ancient times. Arts refer to paintings, architecture, literature, music, dance, languages and cinema. In early India, most of the arts were derived Vedic influences. After the birth of contemporary Hinduism, Jainism, …

Indian sculpture Asian arts Britannica
    Sculpture was the favoured medium of artistic expression on the Indian subcontinent. Indian buildings were profusely adorned with it and indeed are often inseparable from it. The subject matter of Indian sculpture was almost invariably abstracted human forms that were used to instruct people in the truths of the Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain religions.

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