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Tanjore Paintings: A Living Legacy
    Mar 05, 2021 · The paintings usually depict a deity from Indian mythology, the epics or religious texts. Krishna, Vishnu and Lakshmi are commonly depicted in Tanjore Paintings, sometimes surrounded by subsidiary figures or elements such as temple arches, animals, trees etc. It is this depiction that made the paintings significant as objects of worship.

Indian Paintings Buy Indian Art Online
    Indian Paintings Homepage. India has been a land of rich in culture and religion. Art has been an very integral force in our culture depicting various testimony to famous idols, landmarks and manuscripts. Going by time, there have been images that indicate the usage of artworks in various forms including decor, portraits across doorways, guest ...

Ancient Indian architecture - Wikipedia
    Ancient Indian architecture is the architecture of the Indian subcontinent from the Indian Bronze Age to around 800 CE. By this endpoint Buddhism in India had greatly declined, and Hinduism was predominant, and religious and secular building styles had taken on forms, with great regional variation, which they largely retained until and beyond the great changes brought about by the arrival of ...

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