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Macedonia - HISTORY
    Macedonian Arts and Sciences . Ancient Macedonia was a culture rich in artistic achievements and scientific advances. Aristotle, considered by some the father of western philosophy, may have ...

Greeks and Macedonians - History of Macedonia
    "Studies In The History Of Art Vol 10: Macedonia And Greece In Late Classical And Early Hellenistic Times", The National Gallery Of Art, Washington, 1980 This paper does not propose to bring up the much-debated old question of whether the ancient question of whether the ancient Macedonians …

List of ancient Macedonians - Wikipedia
    Artists. Pamphilus (painter), teacher of Apelles (4th century BC) Parmeniskos group potters (3rd century BC) Aetion of Amphipolis, sculptor; Erginus (son of Simylus) from Cassandreia citharede winner in Soteria (festival) c. 260 BC _ (son of Callistratus) from Philippi Dancer winner in …

Macedonia ancient kingdom, Europe Britannica
    Macedonia, ancient kingdom centred on the plain in the northeastern corner of the Greek peninsula, at the head of the Gulf of Thérmai. In the 4th century bce it achieved hegemony over Greece and conquered lands as far east as the Indus River, establishing a short-lived empire that introduced the Hellenistic Age of ancient Greek civilization.

Macedonian people Britannica
    …of North Macedonia have a Macedonian national identity. They are Slavic-speaking descendants of the Slavic tribes who have lived in the area since the 6th century. The long association of the area with the Greek-speaking Byzantine state, and the Greek claim to continuity with the ancient Macedonian empire of Alexander… Read More

Ancient Macedonian army - Wikipedia
    The army of the Kingdom of Macedon was among the greatest military forces of the ancient world. It was created and made formidable by King Philip II of Macedon; previously the army of Macedon had been of little account in the politics of the Greek world, and Macedonia had been regarded as a second-rate power.. The latest innovations in weapons and tactics were adopted and refined by Philip II ...

Home Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
    Macedonian Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) advocates for the respect of international law and human rights conventions in defence of Macedonia and Macedonians' name and identity; and for human rights to be granted to oppressed Macedonians in all parts of partitioned Macedonia - namely Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Serbia, and Kosovo - and throughout the Balkans and the world.

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